I am THE before and after evangelist!

My job is to help attract the specific patients you can serve best to your practice. Not just any patient, a patient who you can provide a superior result to.

The BeeGee’s captured our hearts with their songs such as: ’How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?’ ‘I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You’, and ‘Tragedy’… because they are all songs we can relate to, but more than that they sang with harmony, resonance and intonation. A sound only brothers can produce. There was an inseparable human connection within the band.

Play a cord on a piano and another piano in the room vibrates. Why? Because sound has resonance and intonation. Could marketing have this same intonation? Yes, it does and it is the secret to highly successful marketing.

Before and after photos are your bridge to patients trusting and relating to you. Before and after photos are the cord of authenticity. They speak truth.

The most common reasons a patient will choose you is because they feel like you like them and they have seen evidence of your ability to produce excellent results.

Why is that? Their inner knowing is speaking that you are someone they can trust. Someone with experience, respect and love.

What do patients really care about? That you respect them and can achieve the results they want. Sloppy before and after photos show lack of attention to detail. Your before and after photos are the evidence of the intensity and quality on the words you speak.

If you’re just starting out, when to release your online gallery can be a tough decision. In this case, my recommendation is to wait until you feel ready. Keep working on taking quality photos and be sure to take as many as you can get releases for. Load them into BRAG book, and when you’re ready, your gallery can go live.

To learn how to present your photos in their best possible light, call me now. Why wait. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your before and after photo evangelist,
Candace & Team

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