BRAG book™ puts you in control of your most valuable marketing asset

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BRAG book on desktop, tablet and iphone

Digital Before & After Gallery instantly solves a long-standing problem

BRAG book™ puts you in control of your most valuable marketing asset, your before and after photos.

30 BAs vs. 300 BAs

Who will they choose?

To be perceived as the best choice in your area, you have to have a better gallery than your competition. Go ahead, examine theirs and compare them to yours. Do you have more photos? Are they all uniform and professionally presented?

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BRAG book allows me to control the very thing patients want to see—my before and after photos. By making it a habit to upload regularly, my gallery is the most robust and most visited pages of our website.”

For Aesthetic Practices

Expertly showcase your work | Quick & easy uploads

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For Developers

Save time | Powerful SEO automation | WordPress plugin

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BRAG book is a huge time saver. It takes me a third of the time to upload and optimize my before and after photos.”

– Justine Nightingale
Plastic Surgery Center of Wichita
Bb client since 2013

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee 100%
30 in 30-days Money Back Guarantee
Candace Crowe Design will help you upload
your first 30 sets, no charge.

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Our order of marketing is: 1, before and after photos.