Integration Partners: Shift into High Gear

We are committed to making it easy for plastic surgeons to upload their own before and after photos to their website. Here are some of the companies that have partnered with us to make marketing with before and afters easy for their clients too.

Red Spot Interactive

Your Patient Engagement CRM

RSI provides ROI-driven patient acquisition and retention analytics and marketing automation. These tools increase patient acquisition results and marketing ROI while reducing administrative workload.


4th Dimension EMR
Made by Doctors for Doctors

Made by doctors for doctors, our streamlined scheduling lets practitioners maximize their workflow, while have secure access to their chart wherever and whenever thanks to the cloud-based application. It’s clean and simple, yet powerful, so doctors can focus on what really matters.

Canfield Scientific, Inc.

Canfield Scientific, Inc.
The most advanced portfolio of imaging solutions – from AI-driven iPad applications, to full-body 3D photography.

Built around a common patient image chart, all of Canfield’s imaging systems are fully integrated to streamline your workflow. Canfield offers sales and support in 65 countries with a reputation for exceptional service.

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BRAG book functions perfectly within our clients’ websites and allows them to market their outcomes proudly!