Faster loading for before and after photos

90% spedometers

BRAG book™ manages and displays your before and afters in a dedicated tablet gallery and on any websites you choose. All of your data is kept secure on our servers – you never have to talk to your web host about uploading another set or paying your host for more storage. BRAG book allows you to bulk upload multiple sets & cases at once, and drop them on your website. To a search engine, your gallery is part of your site, even if the data comes from our server. And just recently we’ve increased that speed of delivery, offering even faster loading for before and after photos.

Making use of our content delivery network and responsive code to deliver the right size image required for display, along with a few tweaks to our compression algorithms, we’ve increased our speed by 90%! With more speed comes better rank! All clients using BRAG book on their website have been updated and will notice a dramatically faster loading for before and after photos.

BRAG book is dedicated to being the best photo management and display tool for before and after images. If you ever wanted to to see a feature in a before and after gallery, let us know in the comments!