10 Best Practices for a Successful Website Before & After Gallery

Some of you have asked how to get the most SEO value out of using BRAG Book. So we put together this top 10 best practices list together for you to help. 

  1. The goal of your website gallery should be to have the most QUALITY before and after sets of any plastic surgeon in your competitive area.
  2. At a minimum, include 12 to 13 sets of before and afters for every procedure that you have listed for your website.
  3. Each before and after set needs a minimum of 3 to 5 angles for the viewer to truly understand the results you can provide.
  4. Be sure to use your logo as a watermark as it improves the perception of your professionalism.
  5. The photos should be cropped for uniformity without any aspect ratio problems at all.
  6. Website viewers judge you on the quantity, quality and presentation of your before and after photos. Be sure to check out a minimum of 3 before and after galleries of your top competitors to see how your gallery “stacks” up to a potential patient.
  7. Each before and after set is automatically added to its own page so you the most SEO value for that set.
  8. Descriptions or stories about each case help with long tail keyword searches and time on the page and also give a better overview of each set. The typical length of meaningful content is 350 words, as defined by search engines, and significantly increases the time on the page, which is another search factor. 100 words should be the minimum. Links can be added back to procedure pages on the website.
  9. Each set should have a quick contact from close by so that conversions are as frictionless as possible.
  10. The before and after gallery should be easy to find and navigate through.

From an SEO perspective, the best thing a practice can do is input information in the details field of the procedure information section. Use this field to describe the case and patient, what their concerns were, what they hoped to accomplish, and why the procedure/treatment was performed. Please do not use the Custom SEO Fields until you have a one-on-one training session with one of our trainers.