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  • A 20–30 minute training session followed by a 10-minute refresh is all it takes to start uploading
  • No need to change the way you currently take and store photos
  • Drag and drop from your desktop into BRAG Book™
  • Easy-to-use photo editor with auto-exposure, overlay cropping, aspect ratio and censor tools
  • Download sets into custom or pre-designed templates for posting to social media

WordPress Plugin

  • Installs in 30 minutes or less
  • Single and multiple physician configuration
  • Moves with you if you change hosting providers

WordPress Gallery

Gears working


  • Front-facing design options
  • The carousel provides a better user experience for web viewers to see your results on the same web page
  • Efficient management allows one uploaded image to be used in multiple ways, in-person on a tablet app and across the web

Win at SEO

  • Bb is the fastest way to create search optimized web pages and turn potential patients into believers
  • Powerful SEO automation
  • Compatible with Yoast and All-In-One-SEO

Target Search



  • Earn awards at regular milestones and see the number of photos you need to reach the next achievement level.
  • The more photos you upload, the better your website will perform and the more awards you’ll receive!

Return on investment
(results may vary)

  • Delivers leads to your inbox when a viewer pins BA photos from the gallery to their MyFavorites account
  • More effective than blogging as an SEO strategy

6-out-of-10 MyFavorite leads resulted in $13,725 per booked surgery.


Unlimited training and support

  • Talk to a real person
  • No long-term contract
  • We will help you migrate your photos from your current website into Bb
  • Enter your email address to view a complete list of features.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee 100%
30 in 30-days Money Back Guarantee
Candace Crowe Design will help you upload
your first 30 sets, no charge.

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With the BRAG book tablet app, I can blow each of these pictures up quite nicely so my patients can really get a taste for what I can do in great detail.